How about a "new used"? Well rocked, technically up to date, with warranty.

We offer various exhibits, prototypes, individual pieces and test basses at moderate prices! Every bass sweetheart is a handmade unique piece. These are instruments with full warranty, some with slight playing wear. 

vintage doubletop.jpeg


On of a kind! We call it “Double Top” - two Quilted Maple Tops were combined here. Alder body, maple neck with ebony board. Locking great, sounding fantastic! A piece of art that you can play music on"!

Serial No. 9044
Build Year: 2011
Body: Alder
Top: Quilted Maple/Dark Quilted Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Finish: Hi Gloss
Pickups: Hotwire Funderbucker
Electronics: Glockenklang 3 Band
Hardware: Hipshot Black
Weight in kilo: 4,2
special: great top, Masterbuilt

List: 4550,00 Euro
DEAL: 2798 €

JSB 2228 all.JPG


A solid Jay player with flexible sound! Swamp ash body, bird's eye maple neck with rosewood fingerboard (with cites-paper). Hotwire Stacked Pickup with J-Retro 01 tone control and Hipshot hardware. Only the finest. Minimal traces of playing wear.

Serial No. 2228
Build Year - 2005
Body: Swamp Ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood (mit Cites-Nachweis)
Finish: Hi Gloss
Pickups: Hotwire Stacked
Electronics: J-Retro 01
Hardware: Hipshot Chrome
Weight in kilo: 4,0
special: great birdseye neck, Masterbuilt

List: 2300,00 Euro
DEAL: 1898 €

fun2147 all Kopie.jpg


It has a swamp ash body, a bird's eye maple neck with mother-of-pearl inlays. Two Nordstrand humbuckers are powered by three-band Aigular electronics. A hard rock bass with exquisite optics for strong stage performances! Some traces of playing wear.

Serial No. 2147
Build Year - 2005
Builder - Magnus
Body - Swamp Ash
Finish - Hi Gloss Black
Neck - Birdseye Maple
Finish - Hi Gloss
Special - Pearl Block Inlays
Hardware - Hipshot/Schaller
Pickups - Nordstrand
Electronics - Aguilar 3Band
Weight - 4,2 Kilo
Special - Masterbuilt

List - 2995 €
Deal - 1998 €



Built by Magnus Krempel. Finest swamp ash body with noble flamed maple top, beautiful dark birdseye maple neck with mother of pearl inlays. Black Hipshot hardware, Hotwire pickups with Glockenklang electronics provide a flexible sound in all situations! Slight traces of playing wear.

Build Year - 2003
Serial No. - 2118
Body - Swamp Ash
Top - Flamed Maple
Neck - Birdseye Maple
Neck - Pearl Inlays
Hardware - Hipshot
Pickups - Hotwire Stacked Jay
Electronics - Glockenklang
Weight - 4 kilo
Special - Masterbuilt

List - 3270 €
DEAL - 2498 €

spalted all.jpg


Beautiful unique piece! Swamp Ash Body with Spalted Maple Top, Amber high gloss finish. Maple Neck with rosewood fretboard, matt lacquered. Hipshot hardware. Hanson (Lakland) MM and Jazzneck pickups and LH3 active electronics. Visually and sonically, this bass leaves nothing to be desired. Super maintained, no traces! For family reasons for sale. 

Build Year: 2010
Serial: 9019
Body: Swamp Ash
Top: Spalted Maple
Finish: Amber Higloss
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood (mit Cites-Nachweis)
Finish: matte natural
Pickups: Lakland by Hanson
Electronics: Lakland LH3
Hardware: Hipshot
weight in kilo: 4,7

List: 2796 €
DEAL: 2298 €

MM 2203all.JPG


In 2005, we built this 2M for a dear customer. It should be light, but with a fat sound. We did it. Magnus took light swamp ash for the one-piece body, plus a neck of magnificent dark birdseye maple. The customer has traded it in now because he only plays blues. The 2M is a bass for the really big thumb! Primarily. Condition: As good as new.

Build Year - 2005
Serial - 2203
Builder - Magnus
Body - Swamp Ash
Finish - Red Matte
Neck - Dark Birdseye
Finish - Hi Gloss
Hardware - Göldo/Schaller
Pickup - Hotwire MM
Electronics - Noll 2Band
Weight - 3,7 Kilo
Special - Masterbuilt

List - 2250 €
DEAL - 1850 €

bässte schote.jpeg

Vintage 51/57

A one-off bass, best of both worlds:

1957 P-Bass specs with 1951-style single coil P-pickup, hand wound by our pickups expert. Alder body, fiesta red finish, maple neck with rosewood board. This baby gives you the 51 sound with 57 handling.

  • Build Year: 2010

  • Body: Alder

  • Finish: matte

  • Neck: Maple

  • Fingerboard: Rosewood

  • Pickup: LEOSOUND Vintage 51 Single Coil

  • Hardware: Hipshot/Allparts

  • Fingerboard: Rosewood

  • Price: 1798 with gigba

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