Building the Hot Wire Bass

chambers drawing.png

What´s it gonna be?

After a detailed discussion we create a "SpecSheet", on which all parts for the desired bass are described anlog with pricing. Then we make a project drawing. If all this has been confirmed by the customer, we can start.

swamp ash.JPG

Sound of Wood

Now we're looking at the timbers, ordering the pickups, getting electronics and hardware together.

Hotwire Zauels.jpg


If all parts are milled, it can be glued. After that, a lot of sanding is necessary.


Still sanding.

At some point it almost looks like a bass, but there is still a lot missing.



Finish is applied with up to 14 layers. Here in high gloss in "Midnite Blue" on the Quilted Maple top.

FL red.JPG


See here a fine wine red matt finish.


Matching Headstock

Take good care of my Baby...



Once the paint has dried thoroughly and the frets are inserted, the next step is to mount the pickups and electronics as well as the hardware.


Going electric

Active or passive?

file bridge.jpg

The Bridge

must be filed, and then we can do the first soundcheck.

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