Glockenklang Electronics

If a great-sounding and very simple to use bass preamp is desired, our choice falls on Glockenklang. There is a 2-band and a 3-band, in two variations - done!

The GLOCKENKLANG 2-band bass electronics are equipped with active / passive switch (on volume knob push / pull), balance control without volume reduction in the middle position, active treble control +/- 18 dB @ 18 KHz, equipped in passive operation as a classic height diaphragm and bass control +/- 14 dB @ 40 Hz. The battery voltage is 9 volts.

Due to the high-quality electronics, there is no difference between active and passive operation when the tone controls are in the middle position. Transparency, low noise and impulse response are the key features of this exceptional bass electronics. It is delivered pre-wired with highly flexible cables. This ensures the simplest installation.

For basses with one pick-up, this can be connected directly to the volume board. The balance control is then eliminated.

Boxed version, including battery clip, jack and connection diagram.

The installation can also be done in our workshop by agreement.


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