Old School Sound for Vintage Lovers

Have bass, will travel!  Coming to you directly from the fifties - or from the sixties? It has a few dings and dongs that are inevitable in hard stage life. For those who love the vibe of an old bass, but prefer to leave their expensive originals safely at home, we've created the Vintage Dreams series. Various classic style elements can be combined here for a completely individual instrument with vintage flair.

vb bod5.jpg


The Fiesta Red Nitro finish on the alder body is wonderfully aged with various dings and dongs in the usual places. The large 51-inspired pickguard has yellowed over the years.

Hand-wound Hotwire P and Soap pickups deliver the classic vintage sound with passive volume and tone controls. To add another dimension, the active Noll 2-band tone control can be switched on if necessary. Although not really old school, but sometimes extremely useful.

fully back 2.jpg


Countless nights with sweaty rock n roll have taken the lacquer of the back of the neck at the most used places.

That feels exactly right! The neck dimensions are reminiscent of great J basses. Mother-of-pearl block inlays and yellowed bindings emphasize the sixties feeling. Oh yes, the bass has the medium scale, 82 cm. Sounds like a big guy, but plays much easier, practically effortless.

Classic Rock, Funk, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Country and more!

vb all2 Kopie.jpg


Everything you expect from a vintage bass is in there. The P-Sound awakens memories. The bridge pickup lets Jaco off the leash.

 Both pickups on full, and Marcus sends his regards! Now add the active tone control, and another sound level opens up. With Flatwounds it goes back even further, with the plectrum Sixties classics live on, with fingers the Rhythm and the Blues come out. Old school or modern, everything is in there!


Get to the point:

If you own an original vintage bass, you do not want to take it to the gig or touring, because if something breaks or disappears, hell is going on.

Stay cool, with our vintage dream workhorses you have the sound, the feel and the look that we love so much. And you can safely leave your valuable original at home.

Conclusion: All the beloved features of vintage oldies come together on customer request  in a Hot Wire Vintage Dream Bass. Even the degree of aging can be determined by the customer: slightly used, well rocked, or totally f*cked up. We will do that you, and the bank account is spared.

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